For artists
Artists will have from May 1st to May 30th to create one main piece of art. The art can be a hand-drawn piece (both traditional or digital), a vid, or a blend/manip/paintover/etc. All pairings, ratings, and genres will be accepted. Your art will be the inspiration for a 5,000 word story, so please take that into account before you start.

Collaboration between artists and authors is encouraged, so once you've been claimed, feel free to discuss and do more artwork, like for example doing something more pairing- or character-centric.

For authors
Sometime on June 5th or 6th I'll post the art previews in a members-only post, along with a short summary, rating, and characters/pairing information. Claiming will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Authors will have from claiming until July 5th to write a minimum 5,000 word fic based on the art they've claimed.

Final versions of artwork and fics are due on July 5th but they can be submitted earlier. I'll start posting things to the comm on July 9th.

You can leave a comment at the FAQ or email the mod at sgareversebang AT gmail DOT com
I realize that people will be busy with Big Bang and other stuff, so I wanted to start a mini-round just to get the ball rolling. Also, this is my first time organizing a challenge like this, so hopefully a smaller challenge will minimize the amount of mistakes I make :P

This round artists will have to make at least one piece of artwork (more is welcome, and definitely encouraged :D ) and authors need to write a minimum of 5,000 words.

Please subscribe to the community if you'd like to keep updated. I'll send out invitations to join once sign-ups are open.

ETA: There's also a syndicated feed for people who prefer to follow on LJ.

2010 Dates to Remember
May 1-8: Artist sign-ups
May 1-30: Author sign-ups
May 30: Art drafts due
June 5/6: Author claiming, time TBA
July 5: Final art and stories due
July 9: Posting starts

Any questions? Feel free to ask them here.

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2014 Schedule

Artist sign-ups: Jan 6th-Jan 26th
Author sign-ups: Jan 6th-Feb 28th
Art for claiming due: March 4th
Claiming: March 11th, time TBD
Drop-out deadline for authors: May 6th. (If authors drop out after this date, they risk being banned from the next round)
Posting period: Roughly May 19th to June 13th, depending on the number of sign-ups

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