Title of Art: Atlantis Beanery
Artist: [personal profile] chibifukurou
Rating: G
Warnings: No Mandatory Warnings Apply

Title of Fic: Atlantis Beanery
Author: [personal profile] jujitsuelf
Pairing(s): (if the fic's Gen, you can leave this header out or put Gen)
Warnings: No Mandatory Warnings Apply
Summary:It was a beautiful day out. The morning light was clear and crisp and beckoned Rodney outside with tempting fingers which slanted onto the floor of the shop. From his position behind the counter he could just see a portion of perfect blue sky, not a single cloud daring to mar it...
Author's Note: Thank you to Cougar's_Catnip and Peaceful_Sands for the beta work, as ever, it's hugely appreciated!

Lorne painting Atlantis, seen through an Atlantis viewscreen

Got Herself A Universe
by lyonie17 
Atlantis is a sentient being, fascinated by her inhabitants.


I Gotta a Ray of Light Feeling - Black Eyed Peas & Madonna (MashUp Mix) Taito Tikaro feat. Vanessa Klein - Addicted (extended club mix). All clips from Stargate Atlantis.
Warnings: Some effects have been added, i.e. grainy TV screen flicker, strong coloration, and music visualizer effects.  Please use caution if this may be triggering for you.

Got Herself A Universe
by jujitsuelf

Atlantis sees everything that goes on within her walls...

Pairing: McShep
Warnings: Author chose not to use Archive warnings [none of the required items to warn for apply]


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