Unfortunately, as most of you will have realised, we're not continuing the SGA Reversebang annual challenge.

The old format was too exhausting for the mods, as pinch-hits required the writing (often by the mods, for some of the artwork) of moderately long stories in no time at all. I posted earlier this year about the possibility of a different challenge instead of the Reversebang, but although there was some interest, it's turned out to be a difficult year for me and those plans came to nothing. I've run out of energy and the other mods have resigned their roles, so it's goodbye to the Reversebang.

However - if there's a keen new mod or group of co-mods out there who either want to resume running the Reversebang as per usual, or want to run a new challenge adapting the ideas in that post as above, feel free. I'm happy to be contacted by PM to hand over the reins and practical details - or comment below.

If no one picks up the baton from me I'll occasionally try to remember to fix broken links on the DW comm if any arise, and the comms will continue to exist as a source of reading and art links, although the Livejournal side may disappear at some point if LJ are being stupid about the lack of updated posts there, but the main Dreamwidth side should be okay. However - always better to be safe than sorry, so if you have fic or art on the Reversebang DW or LJ comms that you never archived to AO3, now would be a good time to do that.

ETA: So goodbye from the SGA Reversebang (but just from me!) - it's been fun modding the comm.

ETA: and welcome - as we have a new modding team already - wow, that was quick!
We're just exchanging the secret handshakes and I'm sure they'll post about what's happening with the comm fairly soon. 


Hello everyone – your mods have been thinking about the SGA Reversebang, and we wanted to tell you our ideas and get some feedback.

We still want to have an annual challenge that offers the chance to create a good-sized fanwork (art, fic, etc.), but we’d like to manage that differently.

There was some feedback during the last round in 2014, and your mods have had some thoughts, based on the inherent difficulties with the Reversebang’s structure when pinch hitters are needed. These are the issues that have cropped up, and our suggestions.

ideas and poll under here... )

Thanks for giving feedback! Feel free to ask other questions and raise anything else, in the comments.
Hello writers! Hopefully you're all scribbling away busily and your stories are gradually taking shape. \o/ \o/ \o/

This is our mandatory check-in, so we need all writers to touch base by commenting below please (comments are screened). Please comment here by the end of 1st May anywhere in the world. A brief reply is fine as all we really need to know is that you're still planning and/or writing your story and that you still intend to finish so as to post within the posting period (May 19th to June 13th). There'll be a separate post in a little while to sort out everyone's posting dates.

Life has a way of happening, though, and this stage of a Big Bang can be difficult if you're struggling with a block, or reaching a pitch of procrastination, or can't get your story structure to hang together. Bring us your angst! We'd rather know if you're struggling and feeling panicked so that we can support you and hopefully help you solve the problems, so feel free to use this to let us know.

If any of you think that you won't be able to complete your fic in time, the deadline to let the mods know is 6th May. We've set that deadline as we need a little time to recruit pinch-hitters, and new writers need time to complete their stories.

But please, before you consider dropping out or if you're struggling and feeling panicked, either comment here or email us (at sgareversebang@gmail.com) so we can try to help.

One support option is to post to the support comm to ask for cheerleading or discuss any plot snags or other aspects of your story, like research or canon questions. It's been quiet so far, but that's often the case earlier on in a Reversebang. Or you could run your draft past a beta for advice - you can also ask for a beta over at the support comm. Be aware though, that people offering to beta-read usually expect to read a finished or mostly finished fic and make suggestions about plot, characterization, and spelling/grammar, etc., based on mutual discussion. They're usually not volunteering to chat with you about fic ideas and bunnies at a very early stage. For that you might want a friend from your flist, or to use the support comm.

Happy writing! *waves pompoms and sends you all virtual chocolate and hankies*
The claiming is now complete, and emails have been sent to all authors (copied to the artists) linking to a Photobucket folder containing the art. If you're a writer (or artist) and you haven't received the email, check your spam folder and if you still can't find it, please email or PM the mods. Note that to download the art you may need to enlarge the image using the magnifying glass symbol, then you'll be able to R-click and save. Happy writing!
All the art has been claimed once, yay!

So we're now in the second round of claiming. That means that any art starred only once can still be claimed. If you haven't yet claimed, or are keen as mustard to write two stories, head on over to the Claiming Post. Remember though, that if you choose two artworks to write for, your main priority has to be the one where you're the sole author, as we want all the art to have a story.
We're starting to get some queries so a quick update seemed in order :)

We have lots of great art and are just waiting on a couple of final pieces. The Claiming post will go up on the Dreamwidth [community profile] sgareversebang  side, visible to members of that comm only, on March 9th. It will be locked to comments for a couple of days so writers get a chance to look at all the lovely art and to make a list of their top several choices.

Then the actual Claiming will be at at (about) 00.01 (midnight) UTC/GMT on March 11th. When is that where you live? - World Clock Link.

Two things you might need to arrange to get ready for this:

1) Almost all the authors are now members of the Dreamwidth [community profile] sgareversebang  community - but if you're not, just go to the DW comm and join up as a member in the usual way. Organize OpenID for yourself if you need this and haven't already done so.

2) If you can't join in at the Claiming time, you can arrange for a friend (who would need to be a member of the DW comm) to comment for you with your list of choices, as a proxy. Or you can ask the mods to be your proxy and post your list for you. Email us at sgareversebang@gmail.com to let us know about any need for a proxy.

It's getting exciting! See you all at Claiming time.
This is a reminder for those artists who haven't as yet emailed us their art. The deadline to submit it to us is March 4th!

You should have all received the previous email with details of how to submit your art, and the headers we need. If you want that email sent to you again then comment here or email us at sgareversebang@gmail.com

To all the artists who have sent in their art - \o/ \o/ and THANKS!

As usual, our deadline for the art submissions is midnight on March 4th, Midway Island time. :) If you need a (small) extension to complete your work, or are having any technical problems emailing it in etc. please do email us as above or PM [personal profile] mific on either comm, so that we can help. We'll need to make the Claiming Post public a couple of days before March 11th though, so there's not a lot of wriggle-room for slightly late submissions.

Thank you, and happy arting!
Author sign-ups for the SGA Reverse Big Bang close February 28th -- just over a week from today! We already have fantastic art waiting: Gen, Adventure, Team, the Women of Stargate, Whump, some pretty amazing Alternate Universes....

We would love to have more authors! Please drop by the sign-ups @ LiveJournal or Dreamwidth. The rules are here. We have a Support Comm open to participants which was very active last year, and will help with cheerleading, beta-reading, or whatever you need. If you are nervous about the challenge of writing 10,000 words, or thinking about returning to SGA after an absence, or are otherwise on the fence, please talk to us.

Claiming: March 11th, time TBD
Drop-out deadline for authors: May 6th
Check-in: TBD
Posting period: Roughly May 19th to June 13th

If you are already signed up: Encourage your friends to have a go, if they write in SGA! ♥
And please, if you haven't already, join up as a member of both the DW and LJ communities. You can't see the Claiming post unless you're signed on to the DW comm, and you'll need to be a member of both comms for eventual posting. You can join up here at the comms, or ask us to send you another invite.
We discovered recently that the site which had hosted all the art for the 2010 and 2011 SGA Reversebangs was defunct, so none of those art links worked any more. As some of you will know, we've been retrieving the art by contacting the artists, authors and the past mod, [personal profile] mashimero. Through a combination of these efforts, we now have it all back, yay! The Masterlists are all rebuilt and functional again, as are the individual 2010 posts which had to be recreated as the mods had changed in the intervening years.
Links to the Masterlists are in the links lists at the DW and LJ comms, and are here:
2010 Masterlist
2011 Masterlist
Just a brief post as a double-check. An email with the information about the guidelines for artworks and art submission guidelines has been sent to all artists, with a couple of people getting PMs. If you signed on as an artist and haven't seen this email or PM, check your spam folder. If you still can't locate the email, please contact us via an email to sgareversebang@gmail.com or by messaging us on DW or LJ.
One brief addendum to the email - the link we gave to a site that used to have the code to create non-spoilery "blackout warnings" (the gray or black boxes that you highlight to see the content) is no more. Here's how to do it:

Cut and paste this code after Warnings: <span style="background-color:black"><font color="black">your spoiler or warning here</span></font>
(you can change the color to gray, but both background color and font color need to be the same.)

We're also keen to recruit some more Authors, as we have a great turn-out of Artists this year - so tell all your friends and encourage them to join!      Author sign-ups on DW    Author sign-ups on LJ

Artist sign-ups are closing in 2 or 3 days on the 26th Jan
so if you've been meaning to sign on, now's the time

Artist sign-ups on DW   Artist sign-ups on LJ
Here's the Intro Post for a full explanation of the challenge, which will run on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth (though entries can be posted anywhere).
And here's an Inspirations post with some ideas that people were interested to see in the art and fic.
We're keen for there to be a wide range of characters and pairings, and you don't need to be an established fan artist to sign up.
We'll also help with info posts and technical advice about using some common graphics programs, on the Support comm.

If you want to participate as an artist, please R-click and select all/copy/paste the following into a comment, and fill out the information. Make sure you read the 2014 Info Post before signing up, specifically the section for artists!

Also make sure to request to join the community, and watch it too.

If you want to participate as an author, please R-click and select all/copy/paste the following into a comment, and fill out the information. Make sure you read the 2014 Info Post before signing up, specifically the section for authors!

Also make sure to request to join the community, and watch it too.

If you want to participate as a pinch hitter, please R-click and select all/copy/paste the following into a comment, and fill out the information. Make sure you read the 2014 Info Post before signing up!

Pinch-hitters can be called in at any time after claiming to fill in, but most likely will be asked sometime in May. Ideally you would have a little over a month to write a 10,000 word fic. Please keep the schedule in mind if you're signing up as a pinch-hitter.

Also make sure to request to join the community, and watch it too.

Pinch-hitter sign-ups will stay open indefinitely.

Here's a banner you can use with the code in a cut-and-paste text box.
It links back to the 2014 DW Info post. 

sga reversebang 2014

Welcome to the Stargate Atlantis Reverse Big Bang!


This is a challenge where artists make at least one piece of fanart, then authors write a minimum 10,000 word fic inspired by the piece that they've chosen. It's time to get the next round started, and things are much the same as last year but there are a few changes, so please do read over the info, even if you've participated before.

Read more... )
Woot! *crawls out from under the massive pile of wonderful art and fic that just descended on us all*
We are very nearly there!!

We're waiting on two last works, one a last minute pinch hit, and then we'll be pretty much done.

In the meantime, if you could all make sure you've all crossposted (DW and LJ) and that all your links work - thank you!

The Masterlist will be posted a bit later this week as soon as the mods finish a pinch-hit and get the final flood of lovely art and fic coded.

Congratulations, everyone!
A handful of us are writing furiously so as to post before the deadline. Just to be clear about the really really final deadline - which, yes, PRESSURE, but this might be good news as maybe it's later than you thought! Anyway, the mods use Midnight on 30th June, Midway Islands - the last before the dateline. That time is here: World clock

Artists - be patient, as your writer may be so caught up in a final big push that they haven't had time to liaise with you about where they're at. Good luck to everyone (including your mods) doing the deadline limbo! And if disaster strikes, please let the mods know on sgareversebang@gmail.com, so we can help you figure out what to do. Thanks!
Posting is almost upon us!
Below is the final posting schedule, across the rest of June. Don't forget the Posting Information about how to go about posting your stories and art. Please try to stick to your scheduled posting dates, but if you really can't make it you can post during an amnesty period. And of course, if you finish earlier than you'd thought and would like to post earlier in the month when there are fewer stories and art posting, that's also fine.

schedule here... )

Here's looking forward to some great new stories and fabulous artwork! *dances*

Comment here to claim your posting date
First to comment gets the date, with room for some later negotiations if necessary.
Please read our earlier post for info about the posting. Up to 2 pairs can post on one day, and we'd like you to spread out across the available days so there's at least one art/fic pair posting per day. Make sure your author/artist is also available on the day.

As long as there are slots available, schedule changes will be allowed until the end of May. If you would like to change your posting date, but are unable to edit your comment, please reply to your original comment instead of starting a new thread, thanks.
Posting dates in June...... )

And under the cut is a reminder of the 37 artist-author pairs:
(please let the mods know on sgareversebang@gmail.com if we've either wrongly left you off or wrongly left you on this list!)


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Stargate Atlantis Reverse Big Bang

2014 Schedule

Artist sign-ups: Jan 6th-Jan 26th
Author sign-ups: Jan 6th-Feb 28th
Art for claiming due: March 4th
Claiming: March 11th, time TBD
Drop-out deadline for authors: May 6th. (If authors drop out after this date, they risk being banned from the next round)
Posting period: Roughly May 19th to June 13th, depending on the number of sign-ups

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