Art Title: A City Full of Lights
Fic Title: And All You Could Have Been
Author: [personal profile] nagi_schwarz
Artist: [personal profile] gelbes_gilatier
Pairing(s): Cadman/Lorne, McShep
Rating: FRT
Warnings: None
Summary: Detective Laura Cadman was leading a sedate life with the North Las Vegas PD - helping Vice with stings, admiring the cute baker who brought pastries to the precinct every morning, when her old beat partner John Sheppard nearly got blown up by a serial killer and some guy from the FBI named Rodney McKay started hanging around his hospital room. A Vegas!verse AU.
Word count: ~25,000
Link to fic: On AO3
Link to art: here
Art Preview )

Title of Art: Know When to Fold 'Em
Artist: gelbes_gilatier
Pairing(s): Gen
Rating: G
Warnings: No mandatory warnings apply
Full art here:
Please comment here for the art!

Title of Fic: Colorado Hold 'Em
Author: Shippen Stand
Pairing(s): Lorne/Cadman
Rating: PG
Warnings: No mandatory warnings apply
Summary: If asked, Evan Lorne would say he liked gate travel and fighting aliens, and misses everything about the SGC except maybe the food. And the bureaucracy. He definitely doesn't miss the bureaucracy, even if it's probably the reason he walked out with his discharge papers instead of a court-martial. Of course, he can't say any of that, even though his hot new training officer at the Las Vegas PD. Laura Cadman, would sure like to know where he got his combat experience. But when something he's pretty sure belongs back in the Pegasus galaxy appears on a casino video monitor, he realizes he's got a couple of things he needs to tell her, and aliens are just the start.


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