Author: [ profile] mdime02
Rating: R (for violence and occasional bad language)
Pairing(s): McKay/Sheppard (mostly implied)
Summary: AU. A world where the USSR survives, the Soviets control the stargate, and Rodney still gets sent to Siberia.
Warning(s) highlight to read: non-major character deaths
Notes: The title translates as "Let's go!" (pronounced po-YEK-hali), which is the word spoken by Yuri Gagarin as he blasted off (fifty years ago!) and became the first man in space. This piece was both very exciting and very difficult for me, and I ended up writing it in directions I didn't expect...I found it much harder to incorporate all of the details of the artwork into the fic than I originally thought, and I ended up not incorporating the Russian words and details I imagined I would. I hope the artist enjoys the fic, because I found the artwork very inspiring (and beautifully done), and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Companion piece to Art: Tell me, Comrade, What Would you Give for the Sky?

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