Title of Art: The Atlantis Game
Artist: Chibifukurou
Rating: Gen
Warnings: N/A
Link to art post – [ao3]

Title of Fic: Inventing Atlantis
Author: [personal profile] last01standing
Pairing(s): Gen
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: death of a minor character by suicide
Summary: Rodney McKay skips a grade, finds a body, acquires a team, and invents Atlantis.

Link to fic post – [a03] or [DW]

Title of Art: Atlantis Beanery
Artist: [personal profile] chibifukurou
Rating: G
Warnings: No Mandatory Warnings Apply

Title of Fic: Atlantis Beanery
Author: [personal profile] jujitsuelf
Pairing(s): (if the fic's Gen, you can leave this header out or put Gen)
Warnings: No Mandatory Warnings Apply
Summary:It was a beautiful day out. The morning light was clear and crisp and beckoned Rodney outside with tempting fingers which slanted onto the floor of the shop. From his position behind the counter he could just see a portion of perfect blue sky, not a single cloud daring to mar it...
Author's Note: Thank you to Cougar's_Catnip and Peaceful_Sands for the beta work, as ever, it's hugely appreciated!

Fic Title: Rodney McKay, Orca Friend
Author: [personal profile] kay_greatness
Characters/Pairings: McShep
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/spoilers: Just to be safe, maybe man on whale? Nothing explicit when he's a whale.
Word Count: Around 21,000.
Notes: After seeing [personal profile] chibifukurou's picture, I thought it was too cute and wanted love to conquer all, even with John as a whale and Rodney as a real boy. Unfortunately, I don't know much about orcas (though I did try to get Google's help) so my apologies for splotchy parts to all those who know far more about them!
Summary: John the Orca decides to follow Rodney his trainer home one day and through magic, he can.

Story here On Dreamwidth

Art Title: Save the Whales
Artist: [personal profile] chibifukurou
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: John, Rodney
Artist: [personal profile] chibifukurou
Medium: Main: Colored Pencil and Black Liners, 2: Photoshop, 3: Illustrator and Photoshop
Rating: G
Character(s): Richard Woolsey, Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, Ronon Dex
Pairing(s): Gen
Warning(s) highlight to read: Crack
Notes: This started with the crazy question of what would happen if a bunch of baby land squids imprinted on Rodney and followed him back to Atlantis.

Companion piece to In a Family Way.

Mr. Woolsey vs. the Squids that Loved Rodney McKay preview

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