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A New Bang!

Hello everyone – your mods have been thinking about the SGA Reversebang, and we wanted to tell you our ideas and get some feedback.

We still want to have an annual challenge that offers the chance to create a good-sized fanwork (art, fic, etc.), but we’d like to manage that differently.

There was some feedback during the last round in 2014, and your mods have had some thoughts, based on the inherent difficulties with the Reversebang’s structure when pinch hitters are needed. These are the issues that have cropped up, and our suggestions.

  1. Some people thought the 10,000 word count minimum for fics was too long and we should drop it to 5000.

  2. Your mods are keen to move the challenge to the AO3 for final posting, as coordinating many different people posting to DW and LJ is pretty difficult. We’d provide clear instructions for AO3 posting and tech support if anyone new to AO3 had problems, but it does get rid of the html formatting issues, and makes it a lot easier to do links between primary and complementary works. So the organizing, sign-ups and claiming would still happen on Dreamwidth (with admin posts and notices mirrored on LJ) but the final works would be posted to AO3 (to a specific Collection for the Bang).

  3. As mods, we also want to suggest making it a more varied Bang – not just about art and stories but including almost any other type of fanwork people want to do. This is a structure that works really well in some other fandoms and it adds variety and diversity, and makes it easier to manage pinch hits because they don’t all have to be 10,000-word stories, which are really hard to pull out of a hat at the 11th hour (speaking from sleep-deprived experience here!) We’d need to change the challenge’s name if we do this, and create a new site for it, linked to the current Reversebang site.

  4. The way this new challenge would be organized is in two stages. First there’s a “comment party” post put up by the mods on Dreamwidth that calls for people to respond who want to do a more major or “primary” work – could be art, fic, a vid, a podfic, a major craft project, etc. etc. The creator planning a primary work would give some details about their idea – a brief summary of the type and focus of an artwork, or some details about the fic they plan to write, or their amazing plan to build a macaroni sculpture of a puddlejumper. It doesn’t require any of the primary work to be completed, but you do have to decide on a project and describe it in enough detail to get others interested in doing complementary works. Each of these primary post comments then becomes a focus for others to reply (in the same thread) who are interested and want to create some sort of complementary work – again with a wide variety as to what type of complement that might be (fic, art, a vid, a knitted P-90, etc.). So the party post is for ideas, chat, squee, and for people to join in around a primary work. Sometimes there’s a small team of people doing various complements for a primary work, and sometimes it’s more like the Reversebang with a primary work and one main complement being planned. You can see an example of this in The Losers fandom.

    Then once the party post has had time to gather in a number of primary creators and their planned complement-makers, there’s a more formal sign-up post – initially just open to the primary creators who give pretty much the same information about their planned primary work – maybe firmed up a bit after the interactions of the party post. We’d also want people at this stage to say whether their work would be gen or pairing-centered and to give the usual warnings as for the Reversebang (they might well already have mentioned this in the party post, but it’d definitely be needed here). A bit later, these primary works posts are opened up to complementary creators to add a comment making a commitment to create a complementary work. So that’s the more definite sign-up post for everyone, whereas the party post is a looser brainstorming place and doesn’t commit people to producing a work. All of this would be happening on Dreamwidth – it needs to be on one site, as otherwise it’s too confusing.

  5. Your mods would also make it clear what sort of minimum size is expected in a primary work or in a complementary work. Your mods’ initial ideas for this are in this Table about the size and variety of works. You can offer to do more than one complement, across more than one primary work.

  6. The other thing to figure out is when to run this new SGA challenge. We’re going to poll you about that part but it’ll be somewhere from July to September.

So, a lot of new ideas and a few things we want to ask you about – here’s the poll!

Poll #16419 SGA New Bang Poll
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 38

The Reversebang's likely to change to a new model as above:

View Answers

I would definitely want to do a primary work
8 (21.6%)

I would definitely want to do 1 or more complementary works
7 (18.9%)

I might want to do a primary work
19 (51.4%)

I might want to do a complementary work
18 (48.6%)

I'm not interested in taking part
0 (0.0%)

I have other questions or issues with this which I'll put in a comment
4 (10.8%)

I don't want to join in as a creator but I like the sound of these ideas - go for it!
3 (8.1%)

I just read and look at the art, and I don't like this - leave it as is
1 (2.7%)

The new challenge wouldn't just be a "Reversebang" so it'd need a new name - here's my suggestion! (if you suggest more than one name, separate them with semi-colons)

The "comment party" and sign-up posts leading up to the new Bang would take about 3 weeks, then there'd be a further 3 months for works to be created and posted as final drafts. After that there’d be another 3 weeks before the go-live. It’d work for me if the final go-live on AO3 happened in:

View Answers

9 (29.0%)

19 (61.3%)

15 (48.4%)

Some other or more specific time-period which I’ll explain in a comment
0 (0.0%)

I've seen the proposed table of different types of primary and complementary works:

View Answers

That looks fine
11 (31.4%)

For a primary fic the minimum word count should be 10,000 words
6 (17.1%)

For a primary fic the minimum word count should be 5,000 words
13 (37.1%)

I don't care what the word count minimum is for fics
6 (17.1%)

I have other suggestions which I'll put in a comment
3 (8.6%)

The "comment party" and sign-up posts would be on Dreamwidth:

View Answers

Great – Dreamwidth's what I prefer
12 (33.3%)

Dreamwidth's okay
24 (66.7%)

I won't take part – I only use Livejournal
0 (0.0%)

I can use OpenID to join in on Dreamwidth (the mods will explain how)
0 (0.0%)

Final posting of works would be to AO3. (What if you’re not a member of AO3? AO3 has temporarily ceased accepting new members from the automated queue, as an antispam measure, but your mods can still give you an invite code which WILL be accepted):

View Answers

Yay! - I much prefer using AO3
20 (57.1%)

I'd have posted to AO3 anyway so that'll save me a post
24 (68.6%)

I haven't joined AO3 yet and despite what you say I'm worried I might not be able to enroll
0 (0.0%)

I dislike using AO3 so I won't join the challenge
0 (0.0%)

I've got a different issue that I'll put in a comment
1 (2.9%)

Stargate fandoms aren't as big as they used to be - should we be more inclusive?

View Answers

Sure, make it an all-Stargate Bang (SG1, SGA and SGU)
18 (50.0%)

No, I just want it to stay an SGA Bang
5 (13.9%)

It can be for SGA and SG1 works, but not SGU
4 (11.1%)

It should focus on SGA, but SG1 and SGU are okay in crossovers
13 (36.1%)

I'm going to discuss this in more detail, in a comment
3 (8.3%)

Thanks for giving feedback! Feel free to ask other questions and raise anything else, in the comments.
shippen_stand: cartoon of point mutation in DNA (mutation)

[personal profile] shippen_stand 2015-01-30 06:02 am (UTC)(link)
One thing I really like about the RBB format is that I've written stories that would never have otherwise occurred to me because of the images in the art. I'm all for opening things up, but would like somehow to keep that option. The restriction to the assigned art has been the spark of some fun creativity. Heck, last year I wrote het! So just, "Pick one for a complementary work! Your choice!" probably means I wouldn't do anything. Assignment + deadline works for me. But that's just me. The whole thing sounds like a cool experiment!

[personal profile] wings128 2015-01-30 07:55 am (UTC)(link)
One thing I really like about the RBB format is that I've written stories that would never have otherwise occurred to me because of the images in the art. I'm all for opening things up, but would like somehow to keep that option. The restriction to the assigned art has been the spark of some fun creativity....Assignment + deadline works for me.

Yes! As stressful as having that deadline looming can be, I have to agree that this is the approach that works best for me too :D

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peruggine: (Default)

[personal profile] peruggine 2015-01-30 06:54 am (UTC)(link)
I thought I saw a draft of the schedule somewhere in this post but I'm not finding it now?

I just wanted to say, having participated to some RBBs as an artist, the schedule seems to me too relaxed for artists and too tight for writers, but now I'm thinking maybe that's just me seeing things?

Anyway, while some art might inspire a 5K-or-so story, to some artwork a 5K words story could be pretty short, particularly if they are collages of a few pictures that give clues for complicated plot bunnies. If an authors feels inspired and wants to pick an artwork like this they could fear they can't do the due date. So, what if you offer options for artists to do the mini-RBB, art shouldn't exceed a x number of pictures/icons/etc and stories would be 5K minimum; then the normal RBB, art can't be a single picture, minimum 2 pictures/15 icons/etc, stories have to be 10K minimum?

He, sorry if that just makes it more complicated. ^^

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[personal profile] wings128 2015-01-30 07:50 am (UTC)(link)
Looking at the size/variety table above, I'm wondering if a primary fic is only allowed fic as a complimentary work? And art for art? I love being able to be inspired by a piece of art and creating a story for it. The 10K minimum is definitely daunting but I think to do justice to the art and the story, you need the scope that particular word count allows. 5K relieves the stress a little but I think most of us can handle that limit on any given day, so there's no challenge.

The comment party beforehand sounds like you're combining the inspirational and query posts from last round. I found both those posts to be really helpful and supportive, especially since it was my first time participating. Combining them all in one place will be a good thing I think.

I'm on AO3 anyway, so posting there isn't a drama, but I am wondering would that prevent me from also posting to my LJ?

With the loss of the John/Cam thing-a-thon, I think it would be great to include SG-1 crossovers, though I think some guidelines might need to be established, so that SGA isn't overpowered by SG-1 - perhaps stating that an SGA character has to be a clear main character in the pairing/story. EG: John/Cam - yes, John/Ronon - yes, Cam/Teal'c - no, Teyla/SGU character - yes, SGU/SG-1 characters - no.

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selenic76: (MarblePurple)

[personal profile] selenic76 2015-01-30 07:57 am (UTC)(link)
To answer about including SG-1 and SGU in this: I'm a little torn between things. I would love for there to be something only for SGA, because it's my favourite fandom, and the one I'd most love to concentrate on. On the other hand, I know that including the others would bring more participants, hopefully :)

So, while I can't really decide one way or the other, I'm not against the idea of adding the other shows, be it in crossovers or fully on their own.

But I absolutely love that you are doing this! \o/ ^_^ I love that you're making things a bit different, and offering a wider variety of ways to take part. It would be nice if the basic reverse bang element would be among the choices, for those who wish to only do that. For me personally the lowered word count on the fic and the other possible ways to make complementary works are a blessing, since I rarely do 10K fics. (I've only taken part in the old RBB once, last year, and it was totally rewarding but really hard for me! :D) Whatever happens, I'm just very happy and thankful that you're keeping things going, because it's things like this that keep the fandom alive ^_^

Oh, and if it's any help, I have three unused AO3 invitations that can be donated to the cause if needed :)
mific: (Default)

[personal profile] mific 2015-01-30 09:14 am (UTC)(link)
Yay, invites - thank you!
And yes, you could make your part of this new bang into a version of the Reversebang, no problem - just by choosing an artwork to write something for.
leesa_perrie: icon of the city Atlantis from SGA (Atlantis)

[personal profile] leesa_perrie 2015-01-30 02:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Sounds like this could be fun! It also means that if, for some reason, I'm not able to make a main piece, I can still do some complementary art for others. I also like the idea of including the other two shows, from an artwork point of view that could be fun, but won't mind if that doesn't happen. Though I do hope that it's either both SG1 and SGU, or neither of them, rather than SG1 only. That doesn't seem fair on the SGU fans, to me.

I didn't answer the deadline/date question as it doesn't matter to me when I need to post.

mific: (Default)

[personal profile] mific 2015-01-31 03:22 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, it'd be nice to be able to be really inclusive - we'll see what people think. Thanks for giving feedback.
trillingstar: orange fleeced rodney focused on john (sga rodney think about where we are)

[personal profile] trillingstar 2015-01-30 04:09 pm (UTC)(link)
The part of the reversebang that I've always liked is that it's a treat for the artist to get a long fic (10k+) written for their idea/inspiration. It's different and refreshing.

I love that you guys have new ideas and a new format and a fresh structure. However, I don't think it has anything to do with the SGA Reversebang. This feels like its own new fest -- which is great btw -- but I don't see any connection to the Reversebang, especially since you want to change the name and basically everything about it. It's a new thing, so put the Reversebang on hold for a year (or perhaps someone else might want to run it?), and open up a new fest.

I like the idea of hosting it on AO3. I like the idea of a party post, although what happens if everyone loves your idea on the party post but no one actually signs up for it on the sign up post? Are you just SOL? Because it's a totally new fest, I wouldn't mind at all if it was SGA/SG1/SGU.

I'm intimidated by your spreadsheet *g* I think forty songs for a fanmix is outrageous. I'm not dismissing your ideas here; I'm not understanding something, maybe? Each team is centered around an idea/concept? Or a fanwork? (Or both?) I feel rather uncreative asking this, but how might one write a fic based off of metalworking/macaroni castles, etc?

So, right. I think this should be its own separate fest, without a link to the reversebang, and therefore without the set of expectations that one might have when signing up for a reversebang (ie, longfic based on art).
mific: (Default)

[personal profile] mific 2015-01-31 02:22 am (UTC)(link)
Yes, point taken about it being so different it's actually a new Bang entirely. We'll see what others think but it doesn't have to be linked to the Reversebang or seen as an evolution of that challenge - the main connection is the current mods!
From what I've experienced, most of the people who express definite interest in doing a complement in the party post do sign on, but we'd also have a guarantee that all creators would get a minimum of one complement.
The spreadsheet is totally stolen from elsewhere so it may well contain weirdnesses which is why we need feedback to fine-tune it. I assume by outrageous you mean that's too many tracks required for the fanmix? I don't make fanmixes so I wouldn't know. How many tracks would be a reasonable number for a "primary" project, do you think? 20 songs? (Thinking about how much time and effort a long fic would take to write, or a long podfic to record and edit, or a detailed artwork to finish).
Yes, each team is centered around a primary fanwork. That fanwork will contain various things to inspire people making complements. But the people making complements might not be inspired by the same thing so there's no overall theme for that "team", although the team's generally named after the primary work. So, say Busaikko's art from the last Reversebang was a primary in this new Bang - it would give rise to a team called "Team Space" (the 5 artworks of SGA women against space backgrounds). For complements, someone might write a set of 5 short AU fics setting the women back in the C19th, and another person might do a fanmix with a couple of tracks representing each artwork, and someone else might write meta about women in Stargate canon, and in the history of science. Linked, but not necessarily on the same theme. People can be as varied and creative as they like.
As to "how might one write a fic based off of metalworking/macaroni castles, etc?" - I'm sure it's possible! Like I said, the complement doesn't have to be a literal interpretation of the primary work. It's more like the complementers riff off the team's central work, rather than faithfully interpreting it in some definitive way. I've certainly seen it in reverse, where a primary fic led to a complementer making jewelry for one of the characters, and I've seen knitted complements, although sadly, no one's done the macaroni sculpture thing yet. :)

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malnpudl: (Default)

[personal profile] malnpudl 2015-01-30 06:48 pm (UTC)(link)
As a podficcer, I would find it helpful if primary work creators who are writing fic would explicitly state whether or not they give permission to podfic. It would save a lot of time and stress for those of us looking for something to record.

I suppose the same might reasonably apply for permission to remix fic (or not).

Would it be reasonable to make those part of the sign-up guidelines?
mific: (Default)

[personal profile] mific 2015-01-31 02:32 am (UTC)(link)
Good point - I think there's often a reminder to creators to specify permission to remix and usually a link to the big list on Fanlore, in the initial starter posts. I think doing podfic for a primary fic is pretty challenging for both parties, as it means the writer has to have the fic finalized well before the deadline so the podficcer can then record and edit it in time - and unlike in the Podtogether challenge, this would be a longfic. The podficcer has to be able to record and edit a relatively long podfic in a fairly limited time-period - so that would certainly rule me out as I take ages to edit! I have seen it achieved, but not commonly. It's commoner for there to be a primary work and for the podficcer to locate a story that complements the primary (but is already complete and posted somewhere) and to podfic that. Like, I once did a Spacepirates AU longfic as a primary, and one complement-maker podficced 2 other shorter Spacepiratey fics by a different author. It worked really well.

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sjh2009: (Default)

[personal profile] sjh2009 2015-01-30 08:41 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm happy to write a fic but personally would prefer to write to a graphic primary work myself. Am happy with AO3 as I post there already.

I just want to see the SGA fandom survive so am happy for the challenge to include other mediums too , let veryone choose their favourite creative medium.
mific: (Default)

[personal profile] mific 2015-01-31 02:42 am (UTC)(link)
Sure - I'm certain there'd be plenty of graphic/art primary works that would inspire a fic, and you can write a good-sized fic if you want to - there's no maximum size for a complement.
antares_dw: (johnnakedchest)

[personal profile] antares_dw 2015-01-30 10:46 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm afraid I don't understand the difference between a 2D art and a wallpaper?
For example the manips (1024x768) I did for former Reversebangs - are they wallpapers or 2D art in your definition?

And if another artists sings on for a primary artwork and they are both creating art and none of them fic - in the end they must have 4 wallpapers all together?

But all in all I'm very happy that there will be something for SGA. *g*
mific: (Default)

[personal profile] mific 2015-01-31 02:52 am (UTC)(link)
I'm not sure there is a massive difference to be honest - that's the problem with stealing someone else's spreadsheet then finding it doesn't make complete sense when examined closely!
I guess wallpapers are specifically created so as to be wallpapers regarding the dimensions, and sometimes it might mean certain design elements so that desktop icons aren't lost in a too-busy graphic? Something like that! I don't myself think it matters - call them wallpapers if that's what you created them to be (and if people want to admire them purely as 2D art that's great) or call them 2D art and if people can use them as a wallpapers, all to the good.
Your other question was, I think, what if the primary work is art (like wallpapers) and someone does a complement for that art which is also wallpapers? Well, it could happen, but honestly, I've never seen it. People tend to offer complements which are...complementary, by which I mean they add something a little different, they go off at a bit of a tangent in some way. The commonest way to manage that is to do a complement in a different medium. But people do do complements in the same medium as long as they're pretty different from the primary work. Like if you made wallpapers, someone might do a linked icon set as a complement.
angelus2hot: (SGA John Sheppard Yum!)

[personal profile] angelus2hot 2015-01-31 02:32 am (UTC)(link)
I like that the minimum word count could possibly be 5,000 words.

I do like the idea of including all three Stargates(even though I haven't seen SGU) I think it will bring more participants. If you're going to include all of the Stargate shows then I do believe all pairings should be welcomed. After all isn't it the more the merrier? :D

The show(s) and those who love them should have a fun and interesting place to play. I'm thrilled y'all are going to continue.

From #5You can offer to do more than one complement, across more than one primary work.

Will someone be able to make a primary and still offer to do more than one complement too?

mific: (Default)

[personal profile] mific 2015-01-31 02:59 am (UTC)(link)
Yes, definitely. People can sign on for a primary work and also do one or more complements for other peoples' primary work(s). Sometimes participants get a bit carried away and sign on for too many things (*rolls eyes, points at self*) - that can happen in the comment party stage, which is why it's useful to have that, then to have a chance to take a hard look at what you've squeed about and decide how many of those you can realistically deliver on, before the actual sign-up.
xcziel: (Default)

[personal profile] xcziel 2015-01-31 08:26 am (UTC)(link)
Not really relevant to the Bang guidelines, but as a fandom reader I spend a lot of my time bouncing between Tumblr (for pics, gif sets, etc.) and AO3 (for fic and bookmarks and recs).

Do you think it would be feasible to set up a Tumblr for the bang that would mirror posts? Since it's not yet possible to subscribe to the RSS for an AO3 Challenge or Community, I've found it's a nice way to be able to follow along or promote a challenge if your participants are not based wholly on LJ or DW. The AnteUp challenge runs a Tumblr, and so do various Marvel bangs I follow.

Plus, it's nice to be able to reblog the art (and vids and podfics and so on) in a more share-friendly medium.

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sgatazmy: Peggy standing strong in a crowd of men (Default)

[personal profile] sgatazmy 2015-01-31 03:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Some of this is a little off topic, but I need the answers to fill out the poll.

I have been in SGA fandom for a long time but I'm back after a long break. I've never done anything like a big bang or a reversebang but I was thinking it would be a great way to feel like part of fandom again (I don't really know anyone active in fandom anymore. I just have two concerns:

1.) I mostly only do gen and I'm not comfortable with het or slash. I know the majority of fandom aims toward slash. Is there a way to be sure I'd only have to write gen?

2.) I never join these things because I always feel *I* am not good enough and I will let down whoever my work gets paired with. Is that a reasonable fear? Is it better to only join these events if someone knows their work is up to par?

As for your questions:

I think I prefer longer fic (10,000) for events such as these but I have to be honest that I'm not who I once was. I have a job and kids and I think 5,000 is about what I can do on a tight schedule. I wonder if part of the problem of finding people for the longer stories is (1) the time frame and (2) many of us are in a different place than we were at the height of fandom some 5-10 years ago and thus 10,000 is not as doable as it once was.

For comparison sake, I can write a 5,000 word story in a day or two when inspiration strikes. I'd want more to be sure to write as quality a fic as I am able. 10,000 words takes me at least two weeks to a month and much longer for quality. This of course depends on the time of year and whether it is crunch time at work. I am unsure what timeline you are looking at.
Edited 2015-01-31 16:57 (UTC)

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[personal profile] falcon_horus - 2015-08-02 15:17 (UTC) - Expand

(Anonymous) 2015-01-31 04:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Awesome. I'm all for keeping the SGA love flowing...the spice must count me in for the good old traditional Bang!

Wow...that sounded way dirtier than I meant it!
debirlfan: (Default)

[personal profile] debirlfan 2015-02-01 04:59 am (UTC)(link)
This sounds interesting, but I do have a question. Is there any rule against the primary work being a crossover with a non-Stargate fandom? There's an idea I've been kicking around for awhile, and this might inspire me to get off my duff and write it.
mific: (Default)

[personal profile] mific 2015-02-01 08:46 am (UTC)(link)
Well, the rule for the Reversebang was:

"Are crossovers allowed?
Crossovers with Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Universe are allowed, but the focus of the piece must be on the Atlantis characters. Artists, keep in mind that if your crossover is very specific, it could make it more difficult for an author to claim your piece. Also, authors are not obligated to write crossovers with other fandoms. This is an SGA challenge, so authors can't be expected to be familiar with other fandoms."

The problem in deviating from that to allow free-for-all crossovers, is that the complement-makers join the challenge expecting to do something for SGA - or maybe at least a Stargate fandom. They can't be expected to know the non-Stargate fandom at all so you might not get anyone wanting to do complementary works. However, in the proposed structure, I guess the comment party phase would let you know if anyone knew the other fandom and was interested in doing a complement. If no one was keen, it might be better not to then sign on to this challenge (there are multifandom crossover challenges around).

However, the SGA fans involved in this Bang might not want SGA diluted with a non-Stargate fandom, what with there not currently being any other Big Bangs in SGA. So let's see if anyone replies to this to comment further.

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sarhea: (Default)

[personal profile] sarhea 2015-02-21 01:34 am (UTC)(link)
An idea for inspiration ... something along the line of bingo cards with word/picture prompts?
Sometimes a picture hits me, sometimes word prompts give more ideas. Even simple ones.
And for people who find it hard to write long fics... If you have bingo cards with 10 pics/words maybe around 500 words each? If it has a theme it could end up being a story in itself. And if you can't use all 10 pics to meet 5K minimum maybe 5 pics with 1K each to meet the 5K minimum. Trust me I wrote a fic of 100 drabbles coming up to 49K and it was one story for Kag/Sess
Dokuga has promoted Themes like ice cream flavours, gemstones, virtues, vices, colours, holidays (easter, Christmas, Halloween), seasons

And I'm a real big fan of crossovers. Yes it should be SGA core but I like bringing in characters from other fandoms to Atlantis. If there is a primary pairing it should have at least one canon SGA character.
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So, last year was my first RB and I'm still recovering - mostly because I had trouble working out my plot-lines, and trying to shove too much into one story. My 'Out-of-Time' Icon was so, so appropriate.

I have mixed feelings about the 5000 K limit, but maybe keep it at 10,000, but no penalize people if it's still over 5000?

Also, I'd like to sign up as a pinch hitter this year. I noticed that a lot of art that received pinch hitters last year was definitely something I could have related to, and wrote a story fairly quickly. It was my own story that I got all tangled up/over-emotionally invested in. I believe that more distance would have let me write more clearly, but as [personal profile] mific told me, I really put way too much pressure on myself.

So, in a way, I'd prefer to be able to write a story but not have to officially claim the art - maybe that Artist would like an extra story for their art, maybe not. The whole claiming process last year really put me off - when I was ready to start writing a story, I had to wait until I actually claimed the art. Then, I got lost trying to figure out how to write a POV (limited) that would never have occurred to me.

Also? I got tangled up in the definition of 'slash' and 'happy endings'. To me, a slash pairing really is only there if some explicit action (dialogue, sex) takes place. If feelings exist, but aren't commented by the main character involved in the pairing, there is no evidence beyond what the reader sees. And happy endings, especially in stories where it's not clear if the primary 'pairing' are together or not in a settled relationship, means there's still a possibility, and hey, nobody died!

Moving on, this brings me to requests that Artists make regarding stories for their Art. Wasn't it done, as some unspecified time in the past, mentioned that the Artist's not even state the title of their piece to ensure that the writer could find inspiration without restrictions on what they take away from the piece? Going with that theme, too many restrictions discourage people from participating as writers. For example, last year I read several comments around LJ and DW on how the SGA ReverseBang came across more like a Secret Santa, and how they chose not to participate after they saw what they believed were requirements in a story for each piece of art.

I've been speaking a lot with [personal profile] popkin16 for finding a way to revive the WordArt community on Livejournal (which is still my primary blog, even though I understand why people like posting long stories to DreamWidth - I have a permanent account there and simply can't afford to pay DW for the extra search features, and such).

As for Art, the amount of Art equating how many word? Well, that won't work since the writer doesn't see the extant of the art before the actual claiming. At least, not last year? I don't know how it worked in previous years. My suggestion is that the artists make their art available to all who sign up as writers even before the claiming process - this way they can see if they feel inspired right away. If, later, too many people try to claim the same piece of art then the mods will know they have pinch hitters for it already on standby.

Heck, I still have a story I'd love to write for 'Puddlejumper Variations', but had to place it on the backburner because I chose to write for the more difficult artwork first. In the end, a pinch hitter had to come in for that particular art, and I felt guilty as hell, like I should be going to Hell, you know what I mean?

In cases where the RB story serves as an extract to a longer piece? As long as the piece in question is a complete movement (music, sorry), with a beginning, middle, and end (even it starts in the middle), would be great! Four of us our getting roped into modding the WIP Big Bang, where people can finish their unfinished works, pretty soon. I see no reason why these can't carry some crossover.

I learned a lot last year. More than I thought possible. I was mostly terrified that I would be banned from future participation because I couldn't get my story done on time. [personal profile] mific had to hold my hand a lot, and I can't ever repay her enough.

I have a million ideas, but until someone lets me know how much they will fit in I'm reluctant to say (for fear of looking really, really stupid - which I'm not, but hey!).

As far as opening it up to all things in the SG Universe? I don't have a problem with it as long as there's an emphasis on SGA characters. I don't see this being a problem since whenever Team Shep goes to Earth there's always some cross-over. ::head-keyboard-smack::

All right. I've said enough for now. Ping me if any of my ideas have merit, or you think I've missed something.

As for drabbles? I really can't see myself writing drabbles, I simply get too involved in the project. I can see, however, generating shorts to go with Icons, or smaller-yet-connected, pieces of artwork as POV switches, out-takes, and so on.

- Innogen

p.s. I still have a Universe to write around last years' RB story. Believe it or not - that might make it into the WIP BB. Also, I still have to figure out how to write decent sex scenes. *GAH*


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Will following this comm keep us updated regarding schedules/signups/etc? I assume so but I wanted to make sure - thanks! :)