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SGA Reverse Bang 2010 Masterlist

All of this year's art and fics are gathered under the cut. They're sorted in alphabetical order with a preview picture/summary, rating, and pairings. If a main pairing was specified, I've only mentioned the main one.

Not all of the warnings for each fic have been included below. You can read the full header notes for each fic at its link.

Also, authors and artists can now repost/crosspost their work wherever they wish.

Warning: This post is kind of image-heavy.

Crazy/Beautiful by [personal profile] fennegie
Crazy/Beautiful preview
When God Left the Ground by [personal profile] busaikko (John/Ronon, PG)
Non-Stargate high school AU apocafic. Ronon thought his world had ended in the outbreaks, but then he was sent to Atlantis Academy. . . .
Encircled by [personal profile] crysothemis
Encircled preview
Figure Eights, Infinity, Helixes Forming by [personal profile] sheafrotherdon (John/Rodney, PG for swearing)
Teyla dreams
Ring of Pure and Endless Light by [personal profile] asyouleft (John/Rodney, PG-13)
They'd heard many stories about Doric, about the people who went there, about how they'd go in with their burdens held high but would leave feeling at peace with life.
Grand Theft Lizard by [personal profile] sholio
Grand Theft Lizard preview
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace by [profile] hollow_echoes (PG)
It’s hard sometimes for a woman to speak her mind, harder still when it means speaking out against a friend and teammate. Teyla reaffirms what it means to be the only woman on an otherwise male team, and relearns the importance of communicating with her teammates.
Heard the World by [personal profile] greyias
Heard the World preview
Snow, Sand, Blood (the storm's leavings) by [personal profile] sage (John/Rodney, Teyla/OFC, NC-17)
A terrible jumper crash on a desolate world with no stargate leaves the team at the mercy of their rescuers.
Impossible Choices by [personal profile] cybel
Impossible Choices preview
Impossible Choices by [personal profile] puddleofgoo (John/Rodney, NC-17)
Rodney is a policeman, John is a mystery.
Impossible Choices by [personal profile] zibal_01 (John/Rodney, FRAO)
Rodney's a police officer, John's an FBI Agent. They meet on a case...
Initiating Program by [personal profile] chkc
Initiating Program preview Do Sheppards Dream of Electric Sheep? by [personal profile] nny (G)
It will do no good,” Teyla said, disdain and frustration edging her voice closer to a low tone that tugged at Rodney’s stomach painfully. “As I understand it we have come to this too late. His sentence has already been passed.”

“It’s what?” Rodney asked blankly, even as John’s foot twitched slightly against his hand, as his head moved against the pillow in the uncomfortable shrugging motion that said nothing so loud as
bad dream.
Memories of Green by [personal profile] mapsandlegends
Memories of Green preview
Weathering the Storm by [personal profile] ladyanne(John/Rodney, PG)
You have to get through the storms to enjoy the sunshine.
Never Flown One of These Before by [personal profile] calcitrix
Never Flown One of These Before preview
J'hyla by [personal profile] kodiak_bear (T)
A mission shortly after returning to the Pegasus galaxy takes a turn for the worst. Sheppard and his team are rescued by a mysterious alien race, and the world may claim the lives of everyone.
Perchance to Dream by [personal profile] davincis_girl
Perchance to Dream preview
Hypnagogic by [personal profile] danceswithgary (John/Rodney, R)
They were just dreams until Rodney walked through the stargate to Atlantis.
Periphery by [personal profile] almost_clara
Periphery preview
Peripheral by [personal profile] sholio (PG)
Radek struggles, sometimes, with the feeling that he's an outsider to the closeness that Sheppard's team share. Offworld rescue missions tend to put things in perspective, though.
The Prince by [personal profile] antares_dw
The Prince preview
Lessons by [personal profile] shaddyr (John/Rodney, PG-13)
New Alliances are not exactly what they appear, and in fighting for his team, Sheppard learns a few things he didn't expect.
When On Norimia... by [personal profile] lou (John/Rodney, R)
eyla is being held against her will on Norimia and John's determined to bring her home. If it means he has to enter the Elgo Fest as her Champion to make it happen - with the help of Ronon, Rodney and a Norimian named Yemir now part of the Atlantis guard - so be it.
Serve and Protect by [personal profile] saldemonium
Serve and Protect preview
The Dark Side of the Task Force by [personal profile] reddwarfer (John/Rodney, NC-17)
In the great city of Atlantis, two cops do that heroic, bad-guy stopping thing.
Endgame by [personal profile] maverick (John/Rodney, PG-13)
In the city of Atlantis, Detectives John Sheppard and Rodney McKay take on tough cases that no one else can solve.
The Sun Before the Burn by [personal profile] gblvr
The Sun Before the Burn preview
Going Back by [personal profile] sam_gamgee (Lorne/Zelenka, R)
Being back on Earth doesn’t sit well with the members of the Atlantis Expedition.
Sunset to Vegas by [personal profile] clwilson2006 (Lorne/Zelenka, NC-17)
A chance encounter give’s Evan Lorne a chance to grab what his wants from life.
The Tardiest Explorer by [personal profile] bmouse
The Tardiest Explorer preview
The Firebirds of Calneh by [personal profile] lavvyan (John/Rodney, PG-13)
The secret of the ZPMs is revealed! Alas, it turns out that some time over the past few years, Rodney McKay has developed a conscience.
Passing the Test by [personal profile] mandykaysfic (G)
Rodney must find a way to survive on his own until he can find the rest of his team.
Through An Acre of Fire I Would Travel by [personal profile] in_the_bottle
Through An Acre of Fire I Would Travel preview
Through An Acre of Fire I Would Travel by [personal profile] linziday (R)
It started with a flash of white light and pain. Then nothing.
You Shine Where You Stand by [personal profile] sian1359 (John/Rodney, G)
John and Rodney needed to go through a lot to find the gates for the Midway bridge.
Top Secret by [personal profile] syble4
Top Secret preview
General Inspection by [personal profile] goddess47 (R)
General Stanley A. McChrystal got himself relieved of duty in Afghanistan on purpose. He has other problems to solve and the answer to at least one of them seems to be in Pegasus.
Working, Calculations, Victory by [personal profile] theotherwillow
Victory preview
This Versatile Genius by [ profile] sentientcitizen (John/Rodney, PG-13)
When he disobeys orders, Major Sheppard is given a dead-end assignment in the tiny scottish village of Durness, home to bitter ex-sapper Mr. McKay. Steampunk AU.

That's it for this year! Watch for announcements regarding the next round at the end of the year/early 2011!
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[personal profile] antares_dw 2010-07-26 09:46 am (UTC)(link)
Thanks a lot for this list!

And I like the look of it very much. Great way to present the artwork and fics!
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[personal profile] danceswithgary 2010-07-26 01:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Very nice looking list. Thanks again for all your hard work!
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[personal profile] sentientcitizen 2010-07-26 02:30 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't think I've ever said this before, but wow, that's a really pretty looking list. *laughs* Thank-you for all your hard work in organising this - it was great fun!
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[personal profile] sporangia 2010-07-26 09:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks for this list. I was off line for several weeks and missed the individual posts. I really like this format.
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[personal profile] mapsandlegends 2010-07-27 05:06 am (UTC)(link)
The masterlist looks great!
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Artwork Archives?

[personal profile] innogen 2014-01-30 10:53 am (UTC)(link)
I am looking for examples of artwork? How do artwork prompts work? Is a theme given and then the artist creates? Or is the artwork chosen?

~questions of sleep deprivation...
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Re: Artwork Archives?

[personal profile] busaikko 2014-01-30 12:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Art on the older masterlists (like this one) was stored in an account that closed; you can see art from the most recent years, however.

There are no art prompts; it's up to the artist, though we do have an Inspirations post where people can suggest themes or characters they'd love to see.

Once the artworks are submitted, the writers claim an artwork and write a story for it.