Aug. 1st, 2015

Unfortunately, as most of you will have realised, we're not continuing the SGA Reversebang annual challenge.

The old format was too exhausting for the mods, as pinch-hits required the writing (often by the mods, for some of the artwork) of moderately long stories in no time at all. I posted earlier this year about the possibility of a different challenge instead of the Reversebang, but although there was some interest, it's turned out to be a difficult year for me and those plans came to nothing. I've run out of energy and the other mods have resigned their roles, so it's goodbye to the Reversebang.

However - if there's a keen new mod or group of co-mods out there who either want to resume running the Reversebang as per usual, or want to run a new challenge adapting the ideas in that post as above, feel free. I'm happy to be contacted by PM to hand over the reins and practical details - or comment below.

If no one picks up the baton from me I'll occasionally try to remember to fix broken links on the DW comm if any arise, and the comms will continue to exist as a source of reading and art links, although the Livejournal side may disappear at some point if LJ are being stupid about the lack of updated posts there, but the main Dreamwidth side should be okay. However - always better to be safe than sorry, so if you have fic or art on the Reversebang DW or LJ comms that you never archived to AO3, now would be a good time to do that.

ETA: So goodbye from the SGA Reversebang (but just from me!) - it's been fun modding the comm.

ETA: and welcome - as we have a new modding team already - wow, that was quick!
We're just exchanging the secret handshakes and I'm sure they'll post about what's happening with the comm fairly soon. 



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