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Prisma by theeverdream / Fool the World (And Never Fool Myself) by nagi_schwarz

Art Title: Prisma
Fic Title: Fool the World (And Never Fool Myself)
Author: [personal profile] nagi_schwarz
Artist: [personal profile] theeverdream
Pairing(s): Vala Mal Doran + Sarah Gardner friendship
Rating: FRT
Warnings: show-level violence, references to homophobia and child abuse
Summary: Vala Mal Doran makes friends with Sarah Gardner, who teaches her how to be British and make a home on Earth. Vala teaches Sarah how to shoot and fight. Together they learn how to move on from who they've been and how they've been hurt. Set post-series.
Word count: ~18,000
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] brumeier and [personal profile] emeraldteal for their awesome beta work :)
Link to fic: On AO3
Link to art: On AO3 | On LJ | On DW

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